Somfy Garage Door Opener Dubai

Somfy Garage Door Opener Dubai is a company that specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of garage doors. They have been in business for over 40 years because they provide excellent service to their clients. If you are looking for a reliable garage door company, then Somfy should be your first choice. Their technicians will not only install your new garage door but also ensure that it works properly by carrying out regular maintenance checks. The Somfy garage door opener is a popular option for homeowners looking to install a new garage door opener. The company offers both the overhead and the side-mount style Opener, making installation easy and hassle-free.

Advanced Technology of Somfy

The programming of this system can be done by simply typing in your four-digit code on the keypad, just like any other remote control you have used before. Once installed all you need to do is program it with your vehicle’s make and model so that when you get home from work at night, or when leaving early in the morning, your garage will automatically open up for you!


Somfy Garage Door Opener Dubai

Information about Somfy Garage Doors


  • Somfy is a French company that has been around since 1977.
  • They have over 20 million customers worldwide and they are the leading provider of home automation systems.
  • The garage door opener can be controlled from your car, tablet, or smartphone.
  • There are three types of openers – Basic, Premium and Connected.
  • Somfy is compatible with most brands of garage doors as long as they use a safety beam sensor to detect if the door is open or closed.
  • It’s important to make sure you check for compatibility before purchasing one for your home!
  • Somfy is a leading manufacturer of garage door openers.
  • They offer the perfect solution to any garage door opener needs, and their products are available in Dubai.
  • Somfy has been manufacturing and installing high-quality products for over 50 years.
  • Their product range includes residential, commercial, and industrial solutions for all your garage door opener needs.
  • The company offers excellent customer service as well as lifetime warranties on their products.
  • They also provide expert installation services at an affordable cost.

Somfy Garage Doors Repairs in Dubai

Somfy is a leading manufacturer in garage door openers and If you already have a Somfy garage door opener and it’s not working properly, don’t worry – we can help! We provide repairs and maintenance services for all types of garage doors and openers. We have a team of experienced technicians who can quickly identify the problem and fix it for you.

Best Somfy Garage Doors Opener Solutions in Dubai

There are many Somfy service providers in Dubai. We offer top-quality products that will suit your needs and budget. All of their technicians are licensed, insured, and experienced in the field of garage door opener installation. To find out more about this brand please give us a call on +971564551950 today. We provide free quotes to all our customers so if you want an overhead or side-mount garage door installed then give us a call on the number above. You can also visit our website at for further information Automatic Doors Dubai.

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