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Garage Door New Remote Control

Garage Door New Remote Control Dubai

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 Garage Door New Remote Control Dubai Nowadays, our life is getting more simpler and quicker with advanced technology. Earlier, in traditional garage doors, people have to manually lift or drop their doors. But, with the advanced technology we have automatic doors with remotes that make your door operational just at the one press of a button. But what if your remote doesn’t work? Will you be able to open or close your garage door manually? Most Probably the answer will be No! Therefore, it is imperative to take care of your remote. Garage Door New Remote Control Dubai

Dubai, UAE Garage Door Repair and Replacement Services would repair or replace your remote within a few hours. So just Call Us for any assistance!

Types of Remotes
  • Key-chain Remote – These remotes are convenient to carry. As you can keep them in your pocket or purse. These are able to work efficiently from a distance of 100 ft also.
  • Visor Remote – These are attached to your car’s key or fixed at visor clip of the car. It is also able to operate from 100 ft distance. It works with opener, signals are transmitted which are then recognized by the opener to perform a specific task.
  • Universal Keyless Remote – It is universal which can be programmed for any door model. A simple pin has a control over the door openers. These are of great use for commercial purposes as it can control two- three doors simultaneously.


  • BFT
  • NICE
  • CAME
  • DEA
  • RIB
  • FAAC
  • GBD
  • Remote Controls
  • Amigo Remotes
  • Allmatic Remotes
  • ANSA Remotes
  • Aprimatic
  • Beninca Remotes
  • BFT Remotes
  • BPT Remotes
  • Came Remotes
  • Cardale Remotes
  • Chamberlain
  • DASPI Remotes
  • DEA Remotes
  • Ditec Remotes
  • Ducati Remotes
  • Elmes Remotes
  • Erone Remotes
  • FAAC Remotes
  • Fadini Remotes
  • Genius Remotes
  • Gibidi Remotes
  • Hormann Remotes
  • KINGgates Remotes
  • JCM Tech Remotes
  • Liftmaster Remotes
  • Marantec Remotes
  • Merlin Remotes
  • Merlin Receivers
  • Mhouse Remotes
  • MotorLift Remotes
  • Moovo Remotes
  • Nice Remotes
  • Novoferm Remotes
  • O&O Remotes
  • PowerDoor
  • Prastel Remotes
  • Proteco Remotes
  • Quantec
  • Roger Technology
  • SEA Remote Controls
  • Seav
  • Somfy
  • Steelline Remotes
  • Tau Remote Controls
  • Wickes Remotes
  • Telcoma Radio Controls
  • V2 Remote Controls



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Dubai UAE Garage Door Services

If the remote is still not working after replacing the battery then you must hire an expert. We, at Dubai Garage Doors have a team of expert and experienced technicians who offer instant services in order to solve your remote control problems. We deliver remote control solutions of all the major brands like Chamberlain, Liftmaster and Genie etc. Our experts also offer proper guidance to the owners about the features and the functioning of remote.  Garage Door New Remote Control Dubai

Why You Should Choose Dubai Garage Doors Services?

Our aim is to simplify your life by offering automatic door solutions. Our experts provide same day service, proper maintenance, repair and installation services across Dubai at the most competitive price. Garage Door New Remote Control Dubai

Remote Control Garage Doors Dubai
Remote control, or 'automated' garage doors provide convenience and security in equal measure.

Here are 7 convincing reasons why you should buy your door from Doormatic Garage Doors...

1. Low Power Consumption - Save energy by using a Seip door Operator. Power consumption is only 2.3 watts in stand-by mode.

2. Completely Maintenance Free - All models are equipped with an automatic chain tensioning system, keeping the chain tensioned continuously. The C-rail profile protects the chain from dust - no expensive maintenance calls.

3. Chain Tensioning - Our unique chain tensioning system ensures near silent operation throughout the life of the Operator.

4. Quality - The C-rails and base-plates of our Operators are made of 2 mm galvanised steel. With the chain drive system we also provide approved quality - chains have been offering excellent reliability for decades.

5. Soft-Start and Soft-Stop as standard - A feature originally introduced by Seip: by speeding up slowly and reducing the speed before every stop, noises caused by the garage door are reduced to a minimum or even eliminated.

6. Automatic Force Measurement - This means that the required force for operating your door is precisely measured by the Operator. Should it meet with an obstruction, it will automatically reverse direction. No fuss - no problem.

7. Automatic Light - On each operation the internal automatic light becomes active. The 230V light can be adjusted to stay on between 80 to 240 seconds.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs Repair and Replacement in Dubai

Garage Door Springs are the most vital part of garage door, you must pay attention to the springs properly. Your garage door operates with so much ease just because of these springs. Springs demand proper attention and maintenance. Ignoring the springs of your door means you are inviting danger.Garage Door Springs

Types of Springs
  • Torsion Springs – These are fitted above the congested garage door.
  • Extension Springs – These are fitted at the upper track on the either sides.
Our Services :
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Same day service
  • Repair and Replacement of garage door parts
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Proper Inspection to eradicate flaws
  • Warranty agreements
  • Garage Door Springs
  • Replace and repair garage door springs, cables, rollers and so on
Why is It Necessary to Replace Garage Door Springs?

Springs act as a backbone of garage doors. So, they demand proper attention and timely inspection. Proper maintenance and repair is essential to eliminate any kind of major or minor danger. If needed, springs should be replaced as these are more prone to get break easily.Garage Door Springs To prevent any danger it is imperative to replace broken springs by an expert technician.

Advantages of Availing Services from Garage Door Dubai UAE
  • We provide wide range of garage door springs repair and replacment services at reasonable rates. Our price suits our client’s budget.
  • To get spring installed from any other firm can create a hole in your pocket but not when you choose Dubai garage door services to get this job done .Garage Door Springs
  • Our skilled and proficient technicians offer proper guidance regarding garage door issues. For instance, we always suggest our clients to choose door material according to the climate, and to choose type of springs in accordance with the door weight.
  • Our technicians have proper tools and knowledge helping them completing the spring installation task in less time.
  • We offer many designs of the door matching your home exteriors and perosnal taste.
Why To Count on Dubai Garage Door services ?

However, there are many companies who render garage door services. But still the residents of Dubai choose us as we provide extensive range of designs and varieties of doors. Our prices are economical which suits our client’s budget. Our proficient and experienced technicians have determinative role in gaining success.Garage Door Springs So, to get instant and excellent service just make a call.

To solve all garage door spring related issues, get it resolve by garage door service Dubai UAE

Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener Repair & Replacement Dubai


Garage Door Openers Are you suffering from dilemma of a faulty opener? We, at Garage Door Dubai UAE, are expert in installing and servicing all kinds of door openers from every brand. There are so many problems you may face in the operation of door and a faulty opener is one of the common problem.

A non-functioning door opener urge you to operate your door manually which is not an easy job as every time you need to open or close it manually. So, in order to avoid such trouble, you need to get your opener repaired or replaced from Garage Door Openers Dubai.

Call us Now to grab great deals and offers on garage door openers.
Role of Garage Door Openers

An opener is a motorized device which enables the functioning of garage doors. It can either be operated by remote or switch. These openers are connected to the springs which are attached to the door. When the switch is turned on, the opener’s motor operates which in turn moves the spring. These springs further drive the cables to open the door. Again, when the switch is turned off, it retraces the springs helping the cables in closing the door. Garage Door Openers

Types of Door Openers
  • Screw Driven

    In this type of system screws are used for the functioning of the door. Whenever the motor in the opener is operated, a screw turns in order to pull the door up. When you keep it regularly lubricated it demands low maintenance.

  • Belt Driven

    A belt driven system is the most preferred option in residential garages. Its biggest advantage is that these openers generates less noise. It operates with a rubber style belt which runs along the length of the rail. These are most expensive but very fast and quietest systems.

  • Chain Driven

    In chain driven systems, the door has tendency to bounce as it moves up the rail. Working of chain systems is similar to belt driven system. The main difference is that in chain system a chain is used instead of a belt. The greatest advantage of chain drives is that they are more sturdy and are less prone to wear and tear.

Dangers of Faulty Garage Door Openers

A faulty Garage Door Openers can result in a big amount of threat. All automatic doors have an advantage of reversal security feature that revert back the door immediately after detecting an object on its path. So, there is a great possibility that a faulty opener fails to reverse the door and can cause serious injury or damage.